Lilac the color of spring 2016

As I promised in my last blog post I will be sharing what I learn from my Instyle Magazine about what is in for this spring season:) One of the trends I have learned that will be in for this spring is the color lilac!! I am soooooo excited about this beautiful color being in this year!!!!! For a while now it has seemed like pinks, blues, and mint greens have been the color trend these pass few springs. But this year designers have decided to use this warm macaroon color that is just heavenly and delicious!!!!:) For a striking but not showy look pair this color with ice blue or caramel brown. Make this trend look airy and stick to minimal accessories that will ground the outfit. If you have a cool skin tone wear ice blue and lilac close to your face; if your skin has a warm tone do the same with caramel brown. Can't wait to share more of what I learn from the  amazing magazine!!!!! The jacket is from Avenue32, the dress from, and the shoes from Lulus:)