Love this outfit!!!!

I know this is Tuesday but I wore this outfit to church this past Sunday and I love it!!! It was one of those day where you didn't know what you were going to do and ending up throwing together an outfit without realizing you have come up with a great look that you will be wearing again and again! Now don't think you can't pull off this outfit too!!! Because you can!!!! What I love about it is the jean top! You can dress up a jean top like I have with a bling necklace or you can dress it down. What I also love is this skirt because it is fun, flirty, and, feminine with a little bit of an edge with the somewhat camouflage pattern. Now I say have fun with you tights! You may think with this pattern on the skirt you can't wear tights with a pattern but you can by making sure your pattern on you tights is smaller then the pattern on the skirt. Like these polkadot tights I have on:) Top off this look with some cute booties. This outfit just goes to show that you don't ever know what you will find in you closet! So go search in your closet you never know what you will find there!!!:)